Sugar Free Cake Recipes...

Sugar Free Cake Recipes:

How to Make Sugar-Free Yellow Cake. Enjoy this sugar-free cake recipe without any guilt. This video will show you how to make a yellow cake without the sugar but all the satisfaction.

3 Responses to “Sugar Free Cake Recipes”

  1. zupnikal says:

    I wouldn’t worry about the eggs and the butter. People who eat normal amounts of food get fat due to sugar (HFCS and the likes) and starch (flour), not fat. Ever wondered why despite all that low-fat and diet-food more and more folk gain weight and can’t do much about it? 100 years ago there was almost none of the highly processed crap / frankenfoods of today.

  2. 00chely00 says:

    looks good, but with that amount of butter and egg yolks it doesn’t matter if is sugar free :/

  3. zupnikal says:

    What’s the point? There’s still tons of flower in it.