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Cake Pops Recipes:

Cake Pops Recipe Demonstration – Recipe here: Stephanie Jaworski of demonstrates how to make Cake Pops. One look at a Cake Pop and you know why they are so popular. Small and oh so cute, the combining of cake crumbs with frosting and then covering it with a delightfully crisp outer shell of colorful candy coating makes for a very sweet confection. We welcome questions on our Facebook page:

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  1. JoyofBaking1 says:

    If you live in the States you can buy candy melts at cake decorating stores, stores like Michaels and Joanns, or they can be bought on line (even at amazon).

  2. jekdeguzy says:

    where did u get the colored chocolates?

  3. noor0677 says:

    what would i do if i want to send them out for gift to family but my family live in new york and pa what should i do for shipping
    and u leave a message in my inbox

  4. noor0677 says:

    what would i do if i want to send them out for gift to family but my family live in new york and pa what should i do for shipping

  5. BakingIsPassion says:


  6. JoyofBaking1 says:

    I used a vanilla cake.

  7. StirMyCauldron says:

    I love you Joy Of Baking. You have no idea how many times you’ve saved my life.

  8. jasminegarcia559 says:

    Wat kind of bread did.u us?

  9. BrainsIsBeauty says:


  10. MissTori2010 says:

    As soon as I heard it, but didn’t see the ad, my computer shut down. :(

  11. keetslivin4rjesus says:

    hi. I cant find candy melts here in India. What may i use as a substitute? :) 

  12. icydragon85 says:

    i have the same issues in italy, here it’s possible to find the candy melt in some specialized shop but it’s all imported from the usa so it’s very expensive. if u gonna use white chololate just remember that if u wanna colour it u must use some oil based food colouring made specifically for chocolate^^

  13. JoyofBaking1 says:

    Yes, you could use either white or dark chocolate.

  14. belgianaptb2010 says:

    can i just use white chocolate instead of candy melts, because we don’t have anything resembling that here in belgium

  15. TheBeccaFashionVlogs says:

    Really? Your comment was pointless. Don’t watch a 20-minute video then complain it’s too long. There is a plethora of short how-to-make-cake-pops videos that focus mainly on how to sprinkle sprinkles and not how to actually keep your cake pop from falling off the stick. 

  16. TheBeccaFashionVlogs says:

    Not true, if you add too much frosting you’ll make the cake balls too wet and they can slide off of the stick. If you don’t add enough frosting then your cake balls will be too dry and break off of the sticks. Also, if they’re too big they’ll be too heavy for the sticks and then, guess what? I’m sure you can figure it out.

  17. TheBeccaFashionVlogs says:

    It’s like candy melts, which are much more easily accessible. You could totally use those if you can’t find almond bark. There’s also something called “CandiQuik” which is sold at Target and I use because it hardens pretty quickly.

  18. sarahwithah107 says:

    For those who didn’t know what it was.

  19. sarahwithah107 says:

    Almond bark- great chocolate substance, good chocolate for melting, & is great to dip small treats in.

  20. irenenergy says:

    @jennifer hoang this video is actually very useful for people who haven’t made cake pops before and don’t want to spend days preparing for fail or ugly cake pops. She gave many little tips along the way which nobody else did in an otherwise short and concise cake pops videos. Those short videos are not useful at all, who wouldn’t know how to decorate? Just search up some pics. And idk what to make out of your intelligence if you CHOSE to watch a 20min video and then complain it’s too long.

  21. missporkchop3 says:

    what is almond bark?

  22. Tim0o says:

    she simply explains every step carefully, i think it’s a great and informative video!

  23. jennifer hoang says:

    your videos are so long and pointless, get to the point already.

  24. JoyofBaking1 says:

    Not sure what you mean by a bit too complicated. I simply showed all the steps to make the cake pops.

  25. cjsale2012 says:

    I’m gonna watch another cake pop tutorial !!